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Saturday, June 10, 2023
New Publication Released
Posted on 1/30/2019 5:23:43 PM (yes, this is the latest post...)
New Publication Released

I enjoy the fellowship of a group of LGBTA+ and M/M authors who gather in Sacramento, California. At a meeting several months ago, the QSAC group, Queer Sacramento Authors Collective, decided to publish a sampler of our work. Since I was going to miss my (self-imposed) publication deadline in 2018 due to my cancer surgery and recovery, I decided to bow out. But as the cutoff date loomed I woke up one morning with a fresh idea and decided, "I can do this!"

Below you will find download links for the Sampler. If you are any kind of reader you will find something you like therein. 

Note that the challenge was to provide "first chapters" of a book the member wanted to promote. Ok, cool. Most of my august fellow writers are highly accomplished and well-published. Thus, most of the first-chapter-samples will lead you to book available for purchase and/or download if you follow the embedded links after each piece. Most of the authors provided a reasonably-sized chapter of what is likely a proper length book. Please consider buying a book or two to make J. Scott Coatsworth's herculean effort to put this book together worthwhile.

Of course, I'm different. (I can't help it. Ok, I don't want to help it.)

Firstly, my book is a way off from publishing. I do plan to release a few teaser short stories, in the mean time. Secondly, my "first chapter" is from the THIRD VOLUME of the unpublished epic. And thirdly, it is far from a reasonably-sized selection. The 3-4 volume story is shaping up to read much like a soap opera - with episodes that reveal the narrator's "confession". Hopefully you'll agree the narrator has left out the boring parts of high school and college. How he exacts his revenge on his (family member) kidnapper, gives away a 1/4 million dollars, and seduces a child pornographer (who he turns into the police) is typically more interesting than what happened in school that day...except for that part where he becomes an Olympic swimming hopeful and when he accidentally strips naked in front of the cast of his first stage production.


Download Kindle Version (.mobi)

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If you enjoy my chapter, please leave me a message or ask a question on my GUESTBOOK or look for me on social media here. Enjoy!

I'm Begging Here...

Please buy my book!


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