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Saturday, June 10, 2023
Life Happens When You Least Expect It
Posted by DavinKent on 6/1/2018 3:57:08 PM

Who pulled the plug on the first half of the year?  Quick, put it back before it's all drained away...

For the last  couple of years I have spent all of my writing time on developing a publishing company. I don't call that 'spare time' because my intention is that writing is my job now. However, writing/publishing activities have been scheduled around the almost full-time care-taking of my elderly folks and some catch-as-can web development work I do for income. 

My 2018 New Years resolutions included getting myself out of my various volunteer commitments so I could get back to significant writing on my novels and articles.

WELL -- about that time our publishing group dove into developing another volume of short stories and I found myself agreeing to a large web project to which I couldn't say "no" to the money -- and here I am half way through the year.

Good news is, I just finished the web project. The bad news is we cancelled the anthology and a lot of time was chalked up in the "learning experience" category. But the very good result is that I am free to get back to my author's life. I plan to take up the quill again and get my two major works completed.

I've been inspired by T.J. Klune who has had some marvelous success lately. How does he do it? (spoiler: he's much younger than me...) Keep your fingers crossed I can get back it the groove and knock some sense into these 300K+ words for a Christmas release!


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